We take care of your application

From the very beginning, iNetWorx is strongly dedicated to web technologies and therefore can count on a long and successful track record. We have a proven and broad knowledge in client/server-communication, in particular regarding the integration of our own SMS and fax gateway. In addition, mapping complex processes or data structures are challenges we are looking for.

Browser-based applications stand out furthermore because of their robustness and their low maintenance compared to distributed client software. Only the server installation needs to be updated and all clients automatically connect to the latest version. Web applications don't need to be highly complex either. They may also serve for a simple task or process only, but helping you to optimize your work-flow and therefore saving you time and money.

We would love to discuss your ideas, needs and requirements with you.


Web applications can be accessed with any web browser. No matter if it is a PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone.

No Installation

Installations or updates of clients drop out completely. Only the server installation needs to be maintained.


Per definition, web applications are available from anywhere in the world without the need of additional installations.


Using current web technologies and tools as well as solid programming ensures the safety of your data.

Some of our Realized Projects