With the iNetWorx SMS and pager gateway you are able to interconnect your application across communication technologies with almost every mobile network in the world and the Swiss pager network. The iNetWorx SMS gateway is perfect for alarming and system failure notifications, authentication tokens (OTP, mTAN) or any other important client information.

The iNetWorx SMS gateway is concurrently connected to five SMS centers (SMSC). Mainly, the SMSC of Swisscom, Salt and Horisen are being used. This provides fastest and most reliable termination of messages to Swiss mobile network operators. International traffic is mainly routed through the SMSC of BICS (BE) or Tyntec (DE, UK). Those two SMSC also serve as alternative routes as well for increasing the redundancy of the SMS gateway.

Universal Interfaces

Through the Email or HTTP(S) interface any application can be configured and connected to send SMS.

2-Way - Send and Receive

Receive SMS either through a keyword-based service or your dedicated number - globally and at regular SMS rates.


Do you have any special requirements for your application? So far, we were able to provide a solution to any problem.


Integrate the iNetWorx SMS gateway with minimal effort into your application using our HTTP(S)-API.


The iNetWorx SMS gateway provides a straight forward and easy to use interface for system engineers and software developers. You can integrate SMS and pager communication into any new or existing application. The versatile HTTPS-interface/API of the gateway serves both for sending and receiving SMS (see also 2-Way SMS).

The HTTPS-POST-interface allows you a simple and quick integration into your application. It is also comprehensively supported in all programming languages. If your application does not support SSL encryption, submitting messages is also possible as plain HTTP.

We are also happy to support you with the integration. Upon your request we can provide various code examples in programming languages such as PHP, Perl, C++, JAVA or C#.


Submit your SMS via secure HTTPS POST. This universal method is available in any programming language.


A detailed English-written documentation of the API is available for your reference.

Delivery Reports

Request delivery reports with your API-call and your application keeps track of the delivery status.


Flash-SMS will display directly on the screen of the receiving device. A convenient option for OTP or mTAN.

Long SMS

Automatic message concatenation of the gateway enables the submission of SMS longer than 160 characters.

Binary SMS and Multibyte

Our API allows you to send binary SMS as well as messages encoded in other than Latin characters sets.

Email to SMS

The Email2SMS- or Email2Pager-interface of the gateway is an ideal and highly flexible way to quickly connect applications with SMS/pager messaging. Email is presumably the most universal method for exchanging data and information. There is probably no business application without a built-in support for the submission of emails.

The Email2SMS service is arbitrarily configurable and will be adopted to your special requirements upon setup of your account.

Your Email2SMS requests to the gateway will be sent to a recipient address in the form of <recipientnumber>@<subdomain>.inetworx.ch.

Emails sent to the gateway will be read and parsed in full length. This makes it possible to extract any desired information from the email header and/or body and assembling it to an SMS message. The client's configuration is recognized by the subdomain. The filtered email content will be sent to the recipient number in the user part of the email address.

Therefore, the Email2SMS service is a highly customizeable product which requires in most cases a quick phone call or a few emails to sort out all details. We are happy to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your case. We think out of the box!


Most monitoring solutions are natively capable of sending alerts and messages by email.

One-Time-Passwords & mTAN

Security-gateways (e.g. SSL-VPN) enable submitting tokens for authentication via email.

System Notifications

Applications and systems often allow sending notifications via generic emails only.


Many software packages in this domain natively support the submission of SMS via email.

Outlook/Mail Client

Of course, you can also send SMS or emails, respectively, using your desktop email client software.

Quick Implementation

In many cases it is faster and favourable to integrate SMS functionality via email than through an API.

2-Way SMS

The 2-way SMS functionality of the iNetWorx SMS gateway allows you to establish a bi-directional communication between your application and the end user device. Received SMS will be forwarded according to your configuration, either as strictly formatted email or to an URL via HTTP(S)-POST or GET request.

This service is built similar to the expensive premium short IDs and is accessible through the virtual mobile number +41 79 807 8000. Alike short ID services our 2-way SMS service provides the same commonly known keyword functionality. That is, in all SMS received by the gateway the first word in the text must corresponds to a the keyword, which in turn triggers configured actions.

Please note: In contrary to premium short IDs, it is not possible to bill the sender of messages received by the 2-way SMS service. It is not a value-added service. Using a long ID clearly indicates this to the sender. The costs for the user of the 2-way SMS service are according to her/his mobile phone contract.


In contrary to restricted short IDs, the 2-way number is fully operator independent available worldwide.

Optional Dedicated Number

With a dedicated virtual number you can omit the keywords or define as many as you want.


Recipients of SMS can actively acknowledge the receipt of messages or directly respond to them.

Free Queries

Provide a way for your clients or employees to perform queries of your services by SMS free of charge.

Distribution Lists

Your clients can (un)subscribe to newsletters using common START/STOP functionality.


With the web-client from iNetWorx you can send SMS or pager messages in an easy and simple manner using your web browser. The web-client includes a phone book and you also have the possibility to create distribution lists. These lists may then be selected and with one click you can send an SMS to all its members. The provided import/export functionality for Excel or text files simplifies the exchange and comparison with existing contact directories or databases.

Communication through SMS is indispensable these days. Probably, there isn't anyone who can't be reached by mobile phone. Because of its simplicity, SMS communication established itself worldwide as a standard. However, the cumbersome typing of messages on mobile phones often encounters resistance in daily usage and for certain applications it is completely impractical, too.


You can send order confirmations or pickup notifications to your customers.


Your guests receive the latest update to events or special offers in your restaurant or club.


You send your field workers or employees any urgent required information quickly.


Inform your members about changes of appointments or the latest news in the scene.


No cumbersome typing messages on your phone: Simply open the web browser on your PC and start writing.

Pricing - very simple.

With the iNetWorx SMS gateway you have full control over the costs: We bill all SMS at a fixed rate in all mobile networks. You don't buy credits but an effective amount of available SMS. This means, no hidden costs are applied for submissions to all the different mobile networks out there. We route all SMS for the best termination rate possible and not for least costs.

The sending of pager messages is possible within the Swiss pager network only. Pager devices can be obtained by the Swiss pager network operator Swissphone directly.

If your balance of available SMS is exhausted it will not be re-charged automatically. iNetWorx will inform you early enough by email or phone to opt for an additional SMS package. In addition, you also have the possibility to check the current account balance in the SMS web client or by an API query at any time. Monthly service charges are applicable for offers around the 2-way SMS services only.

Please read the following small print:

Broadcast SMS/Pager Prices [1]
1000 SMS Package (0.140 CHF/SMS) 140.00 CHF
5000 SMS Package (0.112 CHF/SMS) 560.00 CHF
10'000 SMS Package (0.093 CHF/SMS) 930.00 CHF
20'000 SMS Package (0.088 CHF/SMS) 1760.00 CHF
1000 Pager Package (0.24 CHF/Pager) 240.00 CHF
one-time Setup for SMS/Pager-Account [2] 25.00 CHF
additional Setup for Email2SMS/Email2Pager [3] 175.00 CHF
2-Way SMS Prices [1][4][5]
1 Keyword 5.00 CHF/Mt.
3 Keywords 12.00 CHF/Mt.
5 Keywords 15.00 CHF/Mt.
Dedicated Number (+41-79-807-WXYZ) 50.00 CHF/Mt.
Dedicated Top-Number (+41-79-807-XXYY) 60.00 CHF/Mt.
one-time Setup for 2-Way SMS-Account 50.00 CHF
additional Setup for Dedicated Number [3] 50.00 CHF

[1]: All prices do not include VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice, in particular with exclusively submission to non-CH networks. No expiration of the SMS balance applies to accounts in use.
[2]: incl. Web-Client. SMS/pager accounts will be deactivated 24 months after the last submission. Any remaining balance will expire.
[3]: Includes a one-time adaption of the filter, submission of test messages on our bill, surcharge for complex filter rules reserved.
[4]: Monthly fees are billed by calendar year.
[5]: Unlimited incoming SMS (MO) free of charge.